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Souperbowl of Caring Results (drumroll please….)

Our Souperbowl of Caring competition with Grace Presbyterian church has ended, and the results are amazing.

When we started, I set our church goal at collecting 300 lbs. of soup, all for our Food Bank.  For folks who prefer a cash donation, each dollar equals one pound.  Several people told me the goal was WAY TOO HIGH.  Last year, we collected 124 cans. This would be more than double. But I promised – if they brought in 300 pounds, they would finally get to sing my absolutely least favorite ever church song – Kum Ba Yah.    The aversion goes back to way tooooo much time singing that song in church camp – over and over and over and over…. and over again.   And it’s always slow and sappy.  I just had way too much of that song, and twitch whenever I hear it – the same reason I get ill at the sight/smell/taste of white chocolate, which I over ate once.  Once.

But – 300 pounds collected and we would sing it.  I’d even do a solo.

We collected 300 pounds.

We’re singing it this Sunday.  Phyllis is playing it for the prelude, and planning a choir anthem for March. And I’ll do my solo in a congregational fellowship time. You all get to come up with the verses, so get creative.

But our Souperbowl challenge didn’t stop there.  Our sister church, Grace Presbyterian, set a goal of 500 lbs. for their Pastor. And we said that whichever church went over their goal more would get to host the losing pastor, and greet him/her with a pie in the face.

I was nervous.  I’ve never gotten a pie in the face, and it wasn’t something I really wanted to knock off my bucket list.  But for the Food Pantry, I’d risk it. I shared the video about our challenge on Facebook, on the off chance any friends would like to help.  I’m amazed and humbled at the response.  A Sorority sister I haven’t seen since college order soup from Target and had it shipped.  A friend from my previous church sent money to someone they knew in Fort Wayne, and all of a sudden someone I never met showed up with a bag of soup “so the pastor doesn’t get pie in her face”.  The scouts who meet at church brought cans on Scout Sunday. My folks sent in a donation (marking the envelope “get ready to sing, Kathleen”.  Thanks mom.)  Of course , to balance it out, my brother threatened to ship soup to Grace.  Thanks, bro!

When it was all over, after the official ‘weigh in’ on Tuesday:

Grace had collected 1015 lb.!  More than enough to meet their challenge.  Their pastor will be shaving his head!

And United Faith?  We collected….1757.5 pounds of soup (or cash donations)!

1757.5. That’s more than 10 times last year’s total! In the words of Malcom Reynolds, “We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.”   (yes, I’m a Firefly geek!)

No pie in the face for me!

And much more importantly, almost 3000 pounds (or dollars) of food going to our Food Bank.

We had a lot of fun collecting the soup all month, and a lot of people will be fed because of the amazing generosity of our churches and friends. Thank you.  Thank you All.

Oh – and the pie?

We’re inviting Grace Presbyterian to join us on Sunday, March 3 after worship.  Everyone bring a pie to share.  We’ll have an extra special one waiting for Pastor Rob!

And I’ll sing Kum Ba Yah (sigh).

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