• May2019

    When I came as pastor to United Faith, the congregation took time to share their hopes and dreams for the future.  One idea that was mentioned repeatedly was painting a mural on the large wall facing our parking lot, along the alleyway. Well guess what—it’s going to happen. And, it’s...

  • Feb2019

    Our Souperbowl of Caring competition with Grace Presbyterian church has ended, and the results are amazing. When we started, I set our church goal at collecting 300 lbs. of soup, all for our Food Bank.  For folks who prefer a cash donation, each dollar equals one pound.  Several people told...

  • Jan2019

    Sunday Worship Cancelled

    January 19, 2019

    Date: 01/20/2019 Due to weather conditions, Sunday worship at United Faith Presbyterian Church have been cancelled.  Please take your time and travel safe, to check our other upcoming events, please click here! Download: Snow Day At Home.pdf Here’s a resource to guide your worship at home while you’re dealing with...

  • Oct2018

    We would love to welcome everyone to our brand new user friendly website, to better assist everyone. Please be patient as we adjust the settings to better assist everyone and their needs. Be sure to check every available area of the site to better familiarize yourself!